Project Description

Calvary Bible Church

Erie, CO

Calvary Bible Church started as a second campus for the families of CBC in Boulder who drove the 15 miles from Erie to Boulder. After approximately 10 years of setting up church in the Erie High School, they were blessed to be able to build a new facility of their own measuring 32,000 square feet on 11 acres just north of the growing center of the town of Erie. The Worship Center has a seating capacity of 650, 150 of which are on a balcony with excellent sight lines.  Included on the balcony level is a large storage area.

This project had a very tight budget.  The design was able to meet the objectives of a low cost yet attractive, functional and efficient facility by the use of tilt-up concrete construction.  The facility was constructed for about $176 / s.f.

Carefully planning the relatively small 11 acre site which had the additional challenge of restricted use due to nearby gas wells was critical in order to expand beyond what the phase I budget was able to include.

Second phase will be enlarging the Children’s Ministry by remodeling the phase I offices.  A new office wing will be combined with a new Youth Center.  The phase I Youth Center will then be available for an expanded Lobby or even more Children’s space depending on the need.