Understanding Focus and Mission

All programming must begin with an understanding of focus and mission, the definition for which must come from the client. With that background, work can commence in defining immediate and projected physical, psychological and emotional needs. This includes physical dimensions and relationships. Expectations, with regard to quality of finish and expected "life" of the building should be defined early, because these expectations dramatically impact costs.

The more successful programs delineate goals for both the collective project and individual functions. These goals encourage meaningful critique of design proposals.

Many projects require phasing due to budget constraints, which brings two issues to the forefront. The first is master planning of the site. Master planning allows us to understand the capacity of the site, and provides a means of assuring that each phase of development contributes to an ultimate vision.

It is a rare client that comes to us with a completed building program, although most have begun initial explorations into the process. We are accustomed to working hand-in-hand with the client to develop these parameters.